Services, Prices, Guidelines

We can enlarge any photograph and send it to you by email or regular mail, or you may pick it up at our office.

For sizes and prices, please see the Price Table below. The size column is indicated in inches on the long side, which means that whether you want an 8x10 (portrait) or a 10x8 (landscape), you would look up the price for the longer of the two sides: 10 inch in this example. Larger sizes than those shown in the table are available upon request. Due to time constraints, we will not crop photographs to fit frames or for any other reasons.

Shipping & Handling, as well as mounting on mat board or foam core, have additional charges - please inquire if interested.

Commercial use fees may be applicable - please see "Guidelines for Photographic Reproductions" below.

Price Table

Prices are subject to change without notice.

(inches on long side)

Guidelines for Photographic Reproductions


In purchasing an image, the applicant obtains permission for personal - one time use - only. Permission is not granted for further reproduction or for use other than that specified in the original order. Additional use is not permitted without a separate application.

Credit Citation

All images must be credited and include the photographer if known, collection title, and image number. i.e. "Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives, Fred Button fonds, 2009-004-514."

If the image is from the Wrathall Collection, please credit: "Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives & Museum of Northern B.C., Wrathall Collection, WP996-79-11203."

Web Publication

Images published on a web page shall not exceed 1024 pixels on the long side and 72 dpi. Credits as specified above are required, as well as a link to the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives website using the HTTPS protocol: (note the "s" in "https://")

Copyright and Privacy

Responsibility for infringement of copyright or invasion of privacy resulting from the use of reproductions from the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives is assumed by the user. In authorizing the publication of a photographic image, the Archives does not surrender its own right to publish it, or to grant permission to others to do so. The Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives retains all rights to the images.

Photograph Usage

The applicant agrees to reproduce the images accurately and shall not alter them in any way which might compromise their historical or artistic integrity. Images may be cropped or resized, but their content may not be altered. Digital manipulation and/or modification are expressly forbidden. The purchaser must provide one complimentary "signed" copy of the publication using the archival material to the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives.

Use Fees

The Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives reserves the right to charge use fees for one-time non-exclusive use, over a five year period. This is in addition to any reproduction costs. Commercial use is defined as for-profit use in non-academic books, magazines, newspapers, film, television, websites, offices or restaurants, and in advertising such as program brochures, calendars, posters, placemats, and postcards.

Order Form

Please order photos using our order form. If you need assistance, please contact us. Thank you.